Title Insurance Made Smple

Books and songs have titles; so do homes!  The word “title” has a specific meaning in relation to property; it essentially means valid, provable ownership.  If you “hold title” on a home, you own it. It’s not as automatic and clear-cut as you might expect, so it’s worth watching this short video to get the basic idea.

If you’ve ever played a board game where you own properties, houses and hotels…that’s a great way to get keep “title” in mind. Imagine what would happen if the game table fell over, and all the pieces and cards were scrambled.  Being absolutely sure who owns what, and where the pieces should go, suddenly gets complicated.

Fortunately, in the world of real property, government entities act like a neutral party keeping records.

In the long run, your home may become one of your biggest assets.  You can insure your ownership of the asset with title insurance.

Meet Stickman; he’ll explain title insurance with that board game.

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