Mortgage Loan Disclosure: Page 2 Details

The Loan Disclosure form you will receive (at least 3 days before loan consummation) provides the costs and terms of the loan arrangement.  Here’s what you can expect on Page 2 of this standard form:

  • Page 2, Section A figures SHOULD match your original Loan Estimate form.  These figures include:
    • Discount Points, if applicable.
    • Origination Charges (collected by your lender)
    • Origination Fees (fees paid to loan brokers, loan officers or similar parties)
  • Page 2, Section B figures should be WITHIN 10% of the total from your Loan Estimate.  These figures are the services that borrowers CANNOT shop; the lender supplied a list of the parties required for these services.
  • Page 2, Section C figures may vary from the Loan Estimate. Charges from providers on the lender’s provided list should be within 10% of the Loan Estimate.  Others should be as you arranged with those external providers.
  • Page 2, Section E figures should be within 10% of the matching Loan Estimate figures.
  • Page 2, Sections E-F-G-H figures may vary from the matching Loan Estimate figures.
  • Page 2 also includes a break-out of the costs paid at or before loan consummation:
    • Costs YOU will pay.
    • Costs the SELLER will pay.
    • Costs paid by any others.
    • Credits (if any) from the Lender

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