Loan Privacy: For How Many Years Do Lenders Keep Mortgage Records?

Lenders are required to store transaction records for a number of years. The period differs based on the documents.

  • Escrow Cancellation:  2 years
  • Partial Payment Policy Disclosures: 2 years
  • Loan Estimates:  3 years after loan consummation
  • Closing Disclosures: 5 years after loan consummation

If the loan is sold — for example, to a different company for loan servicing — the original lender is only required to provide a copy of the Closing Disclosure to the new owner.  Both companies must retain this information, for the remainder of the 5-year period.

While digital record storage is common, it is not legally required.

The guidelines set for lenders under the TRID regulations do not affect consumer behavior; consumers can keep disclosure records as long as they see fit.


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