Is An Attorney Helpful In Buying A New-Construction Home?

Buying a new-construction home means contractual commitments.  While the sales team at a project may understand the contracts very well, their job is not to look out for your interests. Since most of us do not buy homes and sign real estate contracts on a regular basis, there’s a good argument to be made for having a knowledgeable attorney review a contract on your behalf.

Construction project contracts are frequently “fill-in-the-blanks” because they involve many buyers and many homes.  This can leave little room for negotiation, and as a result, less opportunity for questions and answers to clarify the contract.

An attorney can help you be very clear about what you are committing to, whether or not they recommend changes in the contract. Their biggest value may be in explaining the contract to you, not necessarily re-negotiating it.

If incentives, deals or specials on project homes compel you to sign quickly, ask for a clause making the contract contingent on review and approval by your attorney.   Reputable builders should be OK with this, if you are prompt about arranging the review.

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