How To Make The Most Of Walk-Throughs

Whether it’s a real walk-through or a virtual walk-through, there’s no substitute for seeing a prospective home.  Keep your own list of requirements in mind, but also size up and record these things about each:

  • Do the numbers of bedrooms, offices and bathrooms meet or exceed your requirements?
  • Do the other rooms and features provide the space you need now and later? Will your furniture fit, and fit well?
  • Does the structure look solid?
  • Are appliances, heat/AC and other systems in good working order?
  • Are there obvious outstanding repairs? These might be negotiated in the purchase process.
  • How do yards, decks and garage spaces stack up against your needs?

You may save time by measuring and recording the results, especially for key rooms or those that are questionable fits.

It can be especially helpful to envision the place in very different seasons.  What will this be like in snow? Rain? Heat?

Save yourself time by “keeping score”, with consistent notes and measurements for each place that you’re really going to consider.

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