How To Make An Offer On A Home

You’re ready to buy a house; how do you “Make an offer”? 

There is a formal process, and the real estate agent(s) will assist you.  The offer will involve:

  • Price: how much are you offering?  Under what conditions?
  • Time:  when do you want to close?  Move in?
  • Financial Terms: How much are you offering in down payment?  What financing details might affect the offer?
  • Contingencies. Does the offer depend on any other events, such as the sale of your existing home?
  • Earnest Money: what amount are you committing to show that you are ‘in earnest’ about the purchase?
  • Deadlines:  how long is the offer valid?

An offer will include the complete legal description of the property, and a few other formal details.

Keep in mind, it is “an offer, not a deal.”  Buyers will frequently provide a counter-offer that changes some of the terms to meet their desired outcome.

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