How To Compare Builders And New-Construction Projects

Beautiful, modern model homes and neighborhoods can make the job of comparing different builders and projects a challenge. Here are a few questions to help you.  Ask everyone the same questions, like:

  • How is the final price of a home in your project set, and when?
  • Do you offer a warranty option?  Can we have a copy of the warranty terms?
  • How many different models are available? Can we see plans or brochures?
  • Can I make changes and upgrades during construction? Until what stage?
  • When do inspections take place in your construction schedule?
  • Who would be supervising construction of our particular home?
  • When is completion scheduled? What happens if there are delays?

Also ask about other projects, and their history in this business:

  • Are you insured? Licensed?
  • How many other homes have you built? Where?
  • Do you provide references, such as from prior buyers?

Ask for written confirmation of things you consider to be key. Compare the answers from different projects, sales teams and builders. And consider involving a real estate buyer’s agent, or new-home cobroker, for professional advice.

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