How To Choose A Lender For Your Mortgage Loan

Here’s a short article and helpful explainer video, giving you some tips on choosing a lender for your mortgage loan.

While applying for a mortgage can be intimidating, remember that lenders want your business! You are the customer, making one of the biggest purchases of your life.  Companies you consider should be responsive, professional and helpful as you start sizing up your options.

There are many advantages to working with a lender that has a local presence.  They will have connections with the other businesses and government organizations involved in the purchase, and will know “how to do this” in your particular state and locality.

A local presence also helps the lender’s personnel be up-to-date on home values and conditions in the area, which could potentially be a factor in your search.

Companies without a local presence should not automatically be rejected. Your communication preferences and record-keeping habits might make a national lender with a robust digital loan-processing system a fit.  You should be comfortable with calls and video, rather than face-to-face conversation, if that looks like a fit.

Advice from friends and family may be helpful, but keep this in mind. People do not buy homes as often as they buy groceries, or even cars.  Verify the advice you receive with your own homework, online research, and feel for the situation.

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