Custom-Built Homes vs Production Homes

You may run across the terms “production builder” and “custom builder.”  They sound complicated, but it’s pretty simple. Think about buying a dress or a suit.  You can buy one “off the rack”, or have a tailor measure and make for you.  Production builders create a “rack” of homes; custom builders measure lots, learn buyer preferences, and make highly customized homes.

Which you select depends on your budget and preferences:

  • How much time do you have?
  • Do you own a lot on which to build?
  • How much design input would you like?

Production builders frequently build multiple homes on multiple lots in the same place, so they generally combine the home and the lot in a package deal.

If you already own a lot, a ‘spot lot’ builder who constructs an off-the-rack model from plans on your lot, may be your only alternative to a custom builder.

As with suits or dresses, quality and price vary for both production and custom builds.  Take the time to evaluate both carefully in your local market.

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