‘Buying’ A Community

When you buy a home, you also ‘buy’ the neighborhood and the community where the home is located.  It’s not just a real-estate purchase, it’s a lifestyle decision! It’s best to weigh all three against the day-to-day life that suits you.

  • Is the peace, quiet and distance of rural life more to your taste, or do you prefer closer proximity to people and activities?
  • Are community assets such as museums, theatres, music and libraries important and close by?
  • What access to public transportation do you need?
  • What proximity to shopping do you prefer?

If there are children in the household, home location usually affects school choices. Check the current zoning of neighborhood-to-school, and ask about zoning changes over time.

In the final decision, talking with people that live in the community and neighborhood may be helpful. They will know the area well, and you may be meeting your future neighbors in the process.

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